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Come Sing with Us

Application to Join the Choir

If you would like to attend a trial rehearsal please fill out the form below.  We invite applicants to participate in a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 rehearsals without payment of any subscription, after which you will be required to undertake a short private audition with the Music Director, in the presence of a member of the committee.  

Applicants are normally required to prepare a short solo piece with piano accompaniment. They may also be asked to undertake some straightforward sight-reading and vocal tests. However, we particularly want to welcome younger singers, including sixth formers, even if they have relatively little experience of choral singing. These candidates will be offered special terms and will have the opportunity of mentoring by experienced choir members.

Successful applicants will be able to join rehearsals for the next concert, but it is up to the Music Director to decide whether they have had enough rehearsal time to take part in the actual performance. 

Someone Reading Sheet Music
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